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November 02, 2014



Ann, I am so happy to read your post. You clearly sound joyous! Glad for you and your new life!

Cynthia Freels

I am very happy for you :) It was great talking with you today......I think I am quite sad about the church and having a hard time dealing with it...Maybe because I know I cannot save it, dang!!!
Love and hugs

Ann Markle

Cynthia, this sounds like a true nurse -- aren't you supposed to be able to save everyone?? (grin)

Janeen Carrell

So nice to read your voice. Please call!

Jack Shifflett

Ann: I'm sorry I'm late getting to your post; I rarely check Facebook anymore, so I wasn't aware you were writing here again. In any case, you do sound happy, and that's great to hear. I have some questions: first, why did your car hit a deer? Had the deer offended it in some way? Are you concerned that, in France, your rental car might decide to sideswipe a Black Madonna or two? Finally, since when does Rachel Maddow tell people to watch your blog? That's very impressive; I didn't even realize the two of you knew each other.

Beryl Ament

So, it is getting near snow season? From what I read, snow season has arrived in Buffalo. I hope you can keep your car in the garage and yourself indoors. Your reaction to the weather must be part of your next blog entry. So much to tell and I for one am looking forward to hearing about it.

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