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February 26, 2012


Jack Shifflett

As you no doubt know, I've given up ridiculing Rick Santorum for Lent. Some have claimed that for me to make that my Lenten sacrifice is itself an act of ongoing ridicule, but I swear that is not my intention (or,for that matter, my problem). As for the drive-thru ashes--how about chanting "Ashes, ashes, all fall down" as people drive off? And if you do it at Mc Donald's, maybe you could just sprinkle the ashes onto the food? (I'm trying to be helpful here, I really am.) Anyway, it's good to see you back and blogging. And don't forget, while you're into this Benedictine thing: eggs Benedict every day for breakfast...

Cheryl Bell

Ann, I'm glad you've found a unique ritual for your Lenten practice that's meaningful to you--and fits within your religious tradition (with updating, it seems). As you know, I've given up such things (and not just for Lent), but I'm glad I got the notice for your page and could come here to see what you're doing. And I also got to read Jack's comments, which cracked me up! I need Laughs for Lent! Since Jack's given up ridiculing Rick Santorum for lent, I guess I'll have to take over the task: see my Facebook page. Talk to you real soon. Can't wait to make plans!

Kathy Hark

Thanks for the inspiration. I need it this year. Going to look at St Benedict's Toolbox.
Hope you are well !!

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