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October 30, 2011



Your fall photos could be my neighborhood. I look forward to learning more about the madonnas

Jack Shifflett

Ann--Thanks for the powerful and evocative description of the Black Madonna and the "dark sacred feminine". I'm sorry to hear that you've lately had to deal with death and loss, but I know of no one who has more strength or courage for such matters than you do. As grateful as you are for the Black Madonna's presence in your life, I hope your parishioners are equally grateful for your presence in their lives.

Shirley Scritchfield

Ann, I love the imagery you have of the Black Madonna--how amazing and soulful! Thank you for sharing--and for sharing the loveliness of your environs. Hugs, Shirley


Terri, I've been thinking and writing lots about her (just not in my blog) -- so I do have some reflections to share as time goes on...


Jack, this is the most deeply satisfying period of work I've had since I got here almost 9 years ago -- maybe ever. I'm not sure what's shifted to involve me so deeply and yes, joyfully just now, but I'll take it! Thanks for your kind words. Did you notice that my reference to you contained a hotlink to your blog?


Shirley, thanks for your comment. As you can probably tell, I've been storing up lots to say about the black madonna, and will be sharing more!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ann, I'm in the Virgin a Day collaboration and today I posted one of the black madonnas given to me as a gift and I immediately thought of you. I hadn't been by to visit for a while and I was delighted to see that you had written on Oct. 30 about your black madonna work, so I linked to you on my blog: http://redondowriter.typepad.com.

If you ever do take people on a pilgrimage, I'll definitely be there, God willin' and the creek don't rise. Your fall pictures are spectacular and I can only profusely praise you for a 69 pound weight loss. Way to go! Such hard work.

Thinking of you today.

Hettienne Grobler

Hello Ann, I found my way here from Fran's blog - we are participating in the twelve days of Mary. I have been doing my own black madonna work for many years and have managed to visit some. I found a kindred soul in your description of the Black Madonna. She is such an immense embodiment of Wisdom and She holds us in such a powerful embrace through our darkest days. I would like to follow your blog but I cannot see how to do so? blessings Hettienne

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