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June 03, 2010



It makes me sick too...and troubled that we don't yet have options out of our consumption of petroleum products - breaks my heart to watch the news. I am trying to drive less and do what I can...little though it is.

Becky Ramsey

It's truly sickening. We've got to change our ways. I've got to change my ways.
And I'm sorry you got reamed out. People can be weird. Sometimes I don't know how God does it, loving them over and over and over again.


Thanks, Becky. I don't know how God keeps loving me over and over, either. But I sure am glad that it's God that's in charge, and not me! I keep thinking and thinking about what I can do differently to use less fossil fuel, and every once in a while, I think of something new. I think everything we can do counts for a little bit, but it's also larger systems that must change: mass transit and industry and the auto industry and the highway systems. Little by little, as energy gets more and more expensive, other sources become more and more cost effective. Maybe someday America will wake up from this energy dream we've been dreaming.

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