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May 30, 2010



It all sounds great, inside or out! Loved the flag photo--we have our flag hanging off the front porch, and my dad's ashes are in a place of honor in the living room, next to a vase of huge, blue hydrangeas and the flag I was presented with when he died. I think our plans include a rare movie theatre visit this afternoon, napping, homemade potato salad, and sitting under the ceiling fan on the back porch with books. Hope you enjoy your day.


I've been working on losing a few pounds myself. It is very slow going at 53 years old. I joined a gym and work out a lot harder than I was on my own, even though I am a self-motivated exercise person. oh well. even a few pounds shed feels better and I am much more toned. Thanks for the Karen Armstrong recommendation. I've read a couple of her books and look forward to this one too. Enjoy your day!


Mompriest, I get what you say about weight loss in the 50s. I'm nearly 58 now, and keep thinking if I just try this, just tweak that, surely I'll find the way to easy weight loss! But unfortunately my "magic key" is exercise. If I move, I lose. If I don't, I don't. And when you're 80-90 pounds overweight like me, it HURTS to do that simple thing of brisk walking. Sigh. Let's keep trying, though!


Seeing anything good at the movies? I forgot the two videos I rented: "Valentine's Day" and "Invictus." Oh, it sounds like we'll both have a great day. I don't have potato salad, but bought avocados, tomatoes, and blue corn chips for guacamole (why does tomatoes get an "es" but avocados only an "s"? Am I wrong?). And I've got a bunch of vidalia onions -- maybe I'll try that onion pie!

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