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September 06, 2009



How will you manage finding places to stay without a fixed itinerary? There must be some flexibility in the hotels or wherever you are staying....Sounds like a fabulous trip!

Glad you are feeling better.


Rick Steves, as well as people I know, say that for the most part, it's no problem to find a place to stay. I am checking some monasteries and convents, as well as a list of hostels. Apparently it's also not hard to find homes with a sign in the window, where they provide a bed and breakfast (family homes, though -- not formal b&bs). Of course, if you want to go to Assisi on October 4 (St. Francis Day), it can be a problem -- but barring major festivals, there are always rooms available. Hotels will be a very last resort, as the rates are so very much higher than the other resources.


I'm really not trying to "pad" my comment numbers here, but I did forget to say that the train station in every major city also has a traveler's info desk where you can get a map and reservations for the night, most often at "last minute" rates. Hotels want to fill their beds, and if they have empty beds that night, they're often willing to give a hefty discount. Some money is better than no money, I guess!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I know you are almost ready for your trip. That's so exciting. I'll reply to your e-mail privately.

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