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April 17, 2009


Ricky Spears

I've been thinking about how I might be able to build my own labyrinth. Although we have the space on our property, it's surrounded by other houses and knowing that others were watching me would be distracting and counter-productive, I think. I'm considering trying to find some nearby land that won't pass the perk test and is therefore unsuitable for housing, but might perfect for a prayer garden with a labyrinth. I had never really thought about a personal labyrinth being like having your own swimming pool or hot tub, but I think you're exactly right!

Worship Mindfully!
Ricky Spears


Ricky, thanks for this comment. I perused your page -- a great resource! If you are really in Sparta, you can stop in Crossville any time and walk mine.

Ricky Spears

Thanks for the offer! Sparta seems rather remote (nice!), but I do make it to Nashville for business several times a year, so you never know. ;o)

I'm glad enjoyed my site! Thanks for checking it out! It's my way of allowing others to join me in my own meditative journeys in God's Word.

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