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April 29, 2009



And how lucky we are to share all these joys with you via your blog! So glad you had such a wonderful time and came back to a glorious garden and happy, healthy pets.


Oh, Sharon, and you make me feel so welcome home again! Now I can truly "rest up from vacation" over the weekend (well, except for writing a sermon and then 3 services this Sunday).


Ann, I'm so glad the retreat was good! I was thinking about you and hoping your trip went well. And now I can share it on your blog--without having to make any effort myself! Sorry for being out of touch, but I really am so grateful for your blog posts and just love all your photos! Be talking to you soon, Cheryl

Fran aka Redondowriter

I see Cheryl. Hi, Cheryl. It's Fran. Ann, I left a lengthy post last night and I don't see it. I've been having trouble with posting at Typepad posts. Did you get it?

Fran aka Redondowriter

Well, here goes. Your retreat sounded wonderful, the exact kind of retreat I would personally love to go on. Their labyrinth is very unique and you don't see that many 12 circuits. When you visit here, I'm going to take you to the pink marble labyrinth at the Neighborhood Church in PV. It overlooks the cliffs and ocean. I love outdoor stations, too; they have them at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara.

Your Bede Griffiths quote is an excellent one. A few years ago on retreat I saw the documentary called Sadhana where he was one of several holy men filmed.

I'm glad your visit with family went well, too. I know today is the anniversary of Eleanor's death. How old would she have been? I'll never forget seeing her photos and hearing your story when I visited you ages ago in New York.

Always love seeing your photos and I don't know how to place photos in Typepad like you did--side by side with the type in the middle. It's like a cross. Can you tell me where to go? Placement of photos and graphics have remained difficult for me. I keep a WordPress blog for the library and WP's photo options are so simple. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Did Bede Griffiths write books? I've got to go Google. Our rector gave an incredible sermon this a.m. on the good shepherd, weaving a modern metaphor of farm life when he was a kid. He also talked about Christianity sometimes coming across as exclusive but explaining how it is basically inclusive. The exclusive perception is one I have always struggled with.

Have a good week, Ann.

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