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May 24, 2008



Thank you for the lovely photos, gorgeous flowers, and inspiring blog! They are more than a little pretty, as are you! Those who bring beauty into the lives of others are the truly beautiful ones--and make up for so much of the ugliness and pain in the world! I hope you continue to feel that you're more than a little pretty and I can't begin to tell you how much beauty you've brought into my life! (And do ignore the ugly ones, who bring poison and cruelty to others--or pray for them if you must, if you can. You're better than I am in that respect, and a true Christian in the way I understand it!) Love, Cheryl


Ann, dear one, you are pretty. And you are beautiful beyond words, as I've always known you to be.

Don't listen to the trolls. As you said, I'm sure she is wounded and hurting, and I'm afraid my response wouldn't have been as gracious as yours. Well, maybe after I'd removed the insulting comment, complained for a while to my best friends, written an angry post in response, saved it in draft, deleted it, and thought about what it all really meant to me. And who knows - maybe you did all of that. :-)

Great big hugs to you, dear lady. You are a gift and a grace, and I'm thankful you're here!

Peace and blessings,
hedwyg / warriormare


The pictures, they are gorgeous. :)

Also, foo upon trolls, for they are sad and lonely people. I do try to pray for them...but it's hard. ('God, please smack her upside the head' doesn't count, alas...)

Fran aka Redondowriter

When we make our blogs public, no matter how benign, we are open for criticism. Some people are just so mean spirited--and some are actually ill. When I first started mine 4 years ago I found the occasional barb or downright insult to be maddening. I password protected because then I at least had the power to not subject the public to the meanness. I always e-maill the mean ones back to say "shame on you" but 99% of the time, the address is false and the mail bounces.

You are pretty, Ann, inside and out. Don't take this personally.

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