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April 19, 2008



I share your interest in the Black Madonna and have read the books you noted. Meinrad Craighead, Helena Shik (Purple Mountain Tours) do trips with some of them highlighted by visits to Black Madonna. I got to go see the Black Madonna at Eisdelhn (spelling is wrong!)(outside of Zurich, Switzerland) when I was attending the Summer Intensives at the Jung Institute. Ministry Arts also have beautiful Black Madonnas you can purchase. Robert Bly does The Great Mother conference in Maine every year and I'd like to attend that someday too. I work as a psychotherapist and believe that She sits with me and helps to hold the container. I lived in Chatt TN for many years before moving to FL in 1989. It's lovely there. I enjoy your writing. Blessings, Linda

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, Ecclseiastes. Here we are going around another cycle. Beautiful pictures, Ann. I will catch up and read what you wrote on the black madonna. I have one icon of her a friend brought back from Hungary.


Hi Ann,

I got Reflections on a Moonlit Path based upon your recommendations. I read one essay this morning - don't have it in front of me - by Andrew ? can't remember last name - and I am finally beginning to understand the concept of the Black Madonna. It blew me away. I still struggle A LOT with feelings that it is WRONG - so much patriarchal indoctrination, but I do feel like I'm treading somehow in waters that deny Christ as who He is. Still working on this journey.

Thanks for the book recommendations.

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