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February 28, 2008


Beryl Ament

What, no breaking into small discussion groups?

If you ever want to pick up extra income, try writing menus. I'm salivating, and I just had breakfast. Your retreat sounds wonderful and I am ashamed to say there is nothing to prevent me living most of my days this way. I just don't, and I suppose this is why the structure of retreats works.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I agree with Beryl, Ann. This sounds absolutely wonderful and it sounds like your retreat has opened up something in you; I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. I love your Virgin of Guadalupe. I have a carved one in my garden. I think your retreat schedule sounds wonderful, but I agree that discussion might take place, too, if it were given in a group. I adore the idea of antiquing and thrifting--so one could find objects to alter. I'm totally addicted to that pastime. I have not read Tolle's book and I didn't sign up for the class. I will get the book, however. My spiritual director just loaned me the six DVD set of Spiritual Literacy. Have you seen any of this? The Brussat's, I think.

Hope your rain/snow doesn't get out of hand. It's time for that spring greening. I am making a green themed card--and you just gave me me my title: Season 1: Spring. Hey, that means three more seasons.

Your life is a busy one, Ann. I'm surprised you post as much as you do. As for me, I'm addicted.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Oh, I forgot to say that I like your new green theme on the blog. Is that one of the new templates?


Your retreat sounds so nurturing and luxurious and altogether delightful. If I had the money and you gave a public retreat, I would be there in a heartbeat, especially since I would love to see your countryside. I especially loved the part about naps permissible and early bed-time encouraged. That would suit me to a t!

When I read it I thought I should make up my own weekend retreat syllabus. But no, it would read: do laundry, mop, clean, do errands, etc. But in between there are little retreat, not weekends, but moments and even hours!

I hope it was wonderful.


Roz Cawley

Just popped in - redirecting from Fran's blog - and i have to say I think your idea for planning a retreat for yourself is so cool! I have downloaded it and will definitely use it for my own benefit!

Have you devised the reading list for the Sacred Feminine yet, Ann? If so, I would certainly like to see it. I find myself surrounded by feminist theologians at Winchester, one of whose books I am deeply delved into at the moment - "The Fat Jesus" by Lisa Isherwood. This book - it speak the Truth! (Don't let the title put you off - it makes many good points about how our body image is influenced by the
embodied Jesus that has been propagated through the art of the centuries. Also looks at Christian weight loss schemes - whoa! A whole other ball game - your hair will stand on end.

Good to visit with you, Ann!

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