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June 30, 2007



What wonderful memories. Thank you so much.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ann, what an exquisite tribute to your mom. Looking for and scanning the photos, writing your memories is very sacred work, but I know you know that. Your mom is like my mom was--both of them looked older than they were at 40, but alas, my mom never looked like your mom did in her Worthy Matron outfit and you look sensational in your wedding gown.

I like to think my loved ones send little messages, too, like your momma's mushrooms--and I, too, have those excruciating "it's all about me" stories when my mom (and dad) were trying to show their love in the ways that were familiar to them.

Like Paris Hilton said on Larry King, we all make mistakes. Pretty profund, don't you think?

Thanks again! Isn't blogging fun?


Dear Ann, what a beautiful elegy for your mother. You truly captured the yin/yang and push/pull of the loving mother/daughter relationship. The photos of your baby daughter and your mom is just the most wonderful photo!

Love to you,


welcome to revgals, and what a great tribute to your mom (with lots of old photos). I'm looking forward to your insights, reflections.


repeating what others have said- this was a wonderful tribute to your mom- I love the photos.

Welcome to revgals.


Lovely post on your mother. Looking forward to "hearing" more from you on RevGals.


Welcome to Revgals!
And I loved reading about your Mom!

You are in a beautiful section of Tennessee, but I don't have to tell you that!


Such sweet sadness in the memories of a mother with whom we had a complex relationship. Thank you for sharing yours.


oh, and welcome to RevGals!


I too am a new gal at RGBP but not a new gal to the priesthood. My mom is 94 and is still living although failing rapidly. I have not learned how to link my blog yet, but you can see what I did re. her on Mother's Day at www.stoneofwitness.blogspot.com.

Happy Birthday to your mom.


I love her picture as Queen!


I so enjoyed the beautiful photos and memories. My 6 year old shares the June 29 birthday with your mother.

Welcome to RGBP.

Prairie Pastor

What a lovely tribute to your mother! Thank you for sharing her with us and welcome to RevGals. I'm from Chattanooga, TN, and my mother still lives there, so I enjoy hearing from folks back there. Peace and blessings.


A lovely tribute, Ann - thank you. And... welcome to the RevGals!

Gannet Girl

I fially had a chance to read this all the way through, every word, and it's just beautiful. Welcome to RGBP!


Taking some quiet time today to explore the blog world.

The tribute to your Mother is excellent. I'm fortunate that my Mom is still living and I'm able to share time with her occasionally although she's 500 miles away. Thank you for making me stop and remember how blessed I am.



I wonder how common it is to have taken our mothers for granted, not realizing how much they loved us, and how precious that love was, until they're gone? Seems to me my own mother felt this way about her mother, and certainly I feel this way. I've read of others who do, too, although haven't really heard this firsthand from friends. I suspect many people feel this way, but don't talk about it. I'm so glad you did, though.


hi, ann

I was working on my site and wanted to add some blogging friends and checked out your site to get its address. I haven't heard from you in a while on Magdalen. Or maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention since I just get the group postings now...anyway. I really liked your pictures of Costa Rica. But more than that I found this particular sharing very touching and I can see in it why our lives do resonate in so many ways...we have so many parallels :-). You wrote very beautifully about your mom and are painfully honest about the ways in which you feel you did not connect well, and appreciatively enough, with her. I always felt that way about my mom, and she always was so "somewhere else" from where I was. And yet we were carbon copies. Her love of you shows through in these pages. I wonder if the reason we both struggle so much with the attachment issues is that we may have experienced a similar time of disconnection when we were toddlers (due to maternal distress re: our fathers). Just a thought.


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