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I am an Episcopal priest, semi-retired and living in Western New York. I work part time, serving two different churches, one on Sunday morning, one for a weekday evening service based on 12-Step spirituality. I enjoy yoga, reading, time outside and at my trailer by the lake (especially with my dog), gardening, television, travel, and being a trained spiritual director. I also enjoy playing at creative work: drawing, collage, painting, photography, writing.

I grew up in Indiana, then lived and worked as a psychotherapist in Buffalo, NY for 21 years prior to becoming a priest, and for 3 years thereafter. I served a church in Tennessee for 12 years before retiring and moving back north.

I love grappling with some of the larger questions of life: what role does God play in our lives? Why are we here? What is my specific little part in the larger plan? I like living close to Mystery.


gardening, television, movies, reading, writing, cooking, my dogs, yoga, nature